The Fox & Taylor story

Established in 2017, Fox & Taylor is an eco-luxury loungewear label founded by Michelle Buttery.

Since 2000 Michelle has designed and led design teams in London, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia, designing for some of the world’s leading lingerie brands. Throughout her career Michelle has delivered successful lingerie, lounge and sportswear products - all characterised by her balance of fabric knowledge; garment fit and function; her understanding of the feminine form and her attention to finer details.

Fox & Taylor’s mission is to be as eco conscious as possible throughout all of its processes, and to design styles that will constantly adapt to the ever-changing environment we are living in. The collections will always offer multi-functionality and can be worn to sleep, lounge or socialise in depending on the wearers mood and occasion. All pieces are flattering with a premium look and ultra-soft hand feel, in styles that can be worn season after season.

Fox & Taylor, with origins in the North of England, is now based in Valencia, Spain, within one of its growing creative districts.

A pound of each sale will be donated to the UK-based mental health charity MIND.

Fox & Taylor was named after strong female figures in Founder Michelle Buttery's life, her grandmother Fox and grandmother Taylor. We thought you might like to hear a little bit about them.
The eldest of seven children Fox was born in 1921. The tough war years not only made her a resilient and strong character, but when tasked with helping take care of the family, she found a talent for dressmaking and could fashion essential garments from the bare minimum. Years later, it was Fox who taught Michelle to sew at an early age, and planted the seed of what we know as Fox and Taylor today.
Often heard to say ‘life begins at 40’, Fox upgraded her outfits in later life and often attended glamourous parties at the Park Hall Country Club in Derbyshire, England, wrapped in jewels and fur. One particularly treasured memory was when The Beatles were staying in the hotel. After a quick drink at the bar they decided the party was too good to leave and stayed to play an impromptu set! Talk about Best of British!
As Fox honed Michelle’s creative skills, Taylor instilled the ambition and determination that would later allow her to follow her dreams.
One of three sisters and, sadly, orphaned at the age of 12, Taylor’s early life was a struggle. But with the help of her sisters she was able to find humour and positivity in even the toughest of situations. Undaunted by World War II, Taylor demonstrated her spirit by packing her bags and moving from Scotland to Manchester to find work. A short distance by today’s standards, but a most exceptional adventure at the time. Michelle has certainly followed in her grandmother’s footsteps as she travels the world seeking inspiration for her deigns.

Fox & Taylor

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